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Techstars will provide current Blackstone LaunchPad participants with access to their network of over 10, mentors, founders and investors; signature events; and world-renowned content and startup services. The exhibit, now permanently housed in the Westside Resource Centre, consists of 19 portraits, each composed of a black and white portrait accompanied by a colour negative mapping. Each portrait is set against a background of images drawn from science and research, which are highly aesthetic images that warrant a second look to decipher their content.

Our work is all about perception, how people see the world, how they adapt. We were privileged to work with such a diverse and interesting group of people from the Westside community and have been greatly inspired by all of the participants and their ideas.

If she was a researcher her main area of research interest would be genetics, in particular stem cells and stem cell treatments, which she thinks have the potential to treat an enormous range of diseases and conditions that plague millions of people around the world. Mary, originally from Roscommon and now living in Westside, became interested in the effects of salt intake on the body, having participated in a sodium clinical trial at University Hospital Galway.

Francis, who currently lives in Galway having returned from overseas, works in social care, youth, community and social services. Precious is originally from Zimbabwe and would like to learn more about the environment, soil improvement and agriculture. According to James Harrold, Arts Officer, Galway City Council, the project has very successfully brought the worlds of art and science together. It has a strong focus on empowering diverse communities with knowledge and providing new ways for people to engage and interact with its cutting edge research.

The exhibit is now installed at the Westside Resource Centre. The project team will be showing the exhibit at various events around the country throughout the year. For more information on the artists and their work please visit www. What can be done about the challenges of urban sprawl, congestion and long commutes into our cities? How should we address depopulation in areas of the West of Ireland? Greater, smarter investment is needed in smaller cities such as Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford to narrow the gap between Dublin and the rest of the country. We need to invest in infrastructure, in new technologies, and, above all, in the skills and talent of our people.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr Whitaker demonstrated and implemented innovative ideas and approaches to challenges and issues facing our economy and society. The Whitaker Institute has adopted a similarly innovative, multidisciplinary and transformative approach in its research on challenges facing business and society in Ireland today and internationally. Attendance is free. He embarked on a prolific civil engineering career in California and Hawaii. In , he was appointed the City Engineer of San Francisco, a city still being reconstructed after the devastating earthquake and fire of The exhibition tells the story of O'Shaughnessy's career, with selected extracts from his memoir.

It inspired the creation of a short documentary, which will be shown in public for the first time at am on the 25 April in the Alice Perry Engineering building, NUI Galway. We are hoping that our short documentary will act as a catalyst for a greater acknowledgement of the global societal impact of such great engineers and scientists which will in turn inspire the next generation. The workshops are free and open to the public and take place in the autumn and spring of Volunteers have also brought experiments to Galway schools through a wide range of science outreach workshops and participated in reading and mentoring through school homework clubs.

We carefully encourage the instinctive generosity of our employees, encouraging them to give of their time, skills and passion to their local communities. To facilitate this, we give them three days paid leave to volunteer for their local charities and we match the funds they raise for local causes.

The Metropolitan Complex

We commend the work of NUI Galway in promoting volunteerism amongst the student body. The ceremony is an annual event to encourage volunteering and to thank all the community partners for hosting student volunteers. We also need awareness for the extent of the work that Enable Ireland provide. The conference will bring together academic and civil society voices concerning legal and policy responses to the homelessness and housing crises. The NUI Galway Employability Award is a recognition of learning and skills developed through work experience and extra-curricular activities.

Each event and workshop is carefully selected and co-ordinated to provide students with the opportunity to enhance their skills and employability. This award encourages students to participate fully in university life, gain work experience and develop employability skills. By completing this award students are giving themselves a competitive advantage in the graduate job market.

As a result of completing the award I am more confident in myself and my work and have a new found motivation which will allow me to step up to every new opportunity that comes my way. Through an elevated sense of self-awareness, I can move forward and plan for the future with confidence. The night was a celebration of the enormous contribution the over committee members of societies make to campus life.

The night exhibited the impact the societies have on the wider community and their contribution to our multicultural city. Wicklow, a third year medical student. The society won the award for Best Event at the BICS National Society Awards in for their Teddy Bear Hospital event where up to medical and science students diagnose and treat the teddy bears and in the process, they hope to help children, ranging in age from years, feel more comfortable around doctors and hospitals.

The societies work towards creating a supportive, engaging experience for our students and with 15, student members their reach is powerful and their positive message is clear. The Society run a very successful outreach programme with secondary schools and host an award ceremony for them in May each year. This year for the first time in NUI Galway society history that the musical made a profit!

The Energy Summit hosted by the Energy Society was a huge event on campus with industry and academics looking at the future of energy in Ireland won Best Publicity campaign. AIMBE is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Washington, representing the most accomplished individuals in the fields of medical and biological engineering. Professor Pandit built a critical mass of biomaterial expertise in Ireland through the establishment of the Network of Excellence for Functional Biomaterials, a strategic cluster that developed implantable materials for cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and soft tissue repair.

The goal of the programme is to build and maintain strong relationships with key community partners to bring outputs to under-represented and under-engaged communities to increase diversity of researchers within the field. The organisation brings together academia, industry, government, and scientific societies into a highly influential community in medical and biological engineering.

The successful applicant would be someone who, despite unemployment or lack of formal education, sees a third level qualification as a way to improve their skills and advance their career. The programme is specifically designed for young adults and mature students who have a real desire to study at third-level but whose education and economic circumstances may have prevented them from achieving this goal.

This programme is also suitable for students with disabilities, whose education has been affected by long-term absence. The main aim of the course is to bring the students to a stage where they can successfully enter a third level institution and on entry, can fully participate and benefit from the time they spend as a student. For further information, please contact: access nuigalway.

It is part of a Europe-wide study across eight countries, which aims to recruit a total of 2, participants. The results of this study will help to improve the prevention, treatment and care of patients with these infections. Acute respiratory infections such as colds, influenza and pneumonia affect millions of people globally each year. The majority of cases are mild, but some people become very ill and are admitted to hospital for treatment.

We are delighted to see our Network practices exceeding the national recruitment target, and agreeing to continue recruitment in order to contribute to the European target. The willingness of Irish patients and staff to participate in this important study in what is the busiest time of the year in primary care highlights the interest among the Irish public in contributing to answering important healthcare questions.

The funding was awarded to initiate a collaborative exchange between the two emerging investigators and their respective research groups. Professor Roche won international acclaim in during her time as a researcher in NUI Galway, for her work in creating a soft robotic sleeve to help patients with heart failure live with much better quality of life while waiting for a heart transplant, thanks to a sleeve placed around the affected organ.

Using computational modelling, she is developing 3D virtual models of the beating heart to better understand how this dynamic motion affects cardiac device design. Through this exchange both scientists will combine their expertise to conduct rigorous and comprehensive evaluation of cardiac devices. I believe both groups will benefit from the knowledge and experience gained and I look forward to this being a fruitful collaboration. The awarded MISTI funds will enable fluid exchange of knowledge and people between NUI Galway and MIT that will output strong research, exploiting the expertise of both groups and enhancing ongoing inter-institutional collaboration.

In turn a workshop at NUI Galway on cardiac medical device design, novel manufacturing and prototyping methods, bench-top modelling and testing will also be delivered. The funds will enable existing collaboration to flourish and the fluid transition of students and faculty will generate new ideas in the cardiac devices. Report calls for policy change to enable persons with disabilities the opportunity to direct their own services and live independently A report published by the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at NUI Galway, calling for policy change to enable persons with disabilities the opportunity to have greater choice and control over their service provision, was recently launched by Senator John Dolan at the Disability Federation of Ireland.

This has been mirrored in Ireland by the growing demand by the Irish disability community for control and choice over how they wish to live their lives and the services they use. Not only does the Direct Payments model of individualised funding offer more clarity and transparency as to how public funds are spent but the Direct Payments model demonstrates cost savings and cost efficiencies. The report makes four key recommendations: The need for the Direct Payments model and other models of individualised funding to receive further funding and support from the Government.

The transformation of the disability service provision model to permit persons with disabilities to more easily move their service provision from one Community Healthcare Organisation to another. Individualised funding budgets being extended to the purchase of equipment, aids, and other goods and services that relate to the healthcare needs of the individual following an assessment.

Direct Payments is a step in the right direct for service provision in Ireland. This report is hard evidence that giving disabled people a say in their level of care and support enhances and empowers, the current model of supplying what services we think disabled people should have is less effective in meeting their needs and enhancing their wellbeing.

As a model of care, it deserves support and wider implementation. A research project led by NUI Galway has established that companion robots can have a positive impact on older people living with dementia. Such is the impact of this research, it has been featured in a new European Commission study analysing the impact on society of EU-funded research and innovation in technology for active and healthy ageing.

The MARIO project is among 25 projects credited, and the only one in Ireland, with having had the most influence in Europe over the last 11 years. We know that social health and social connectedness are important to the quality of life of people with dementia. Human companionship is the best way of promoting social health but the reality is that our health care services do not have the resources to provide this service. The project involved five EU countries and a team of up to 40 people, and has just reached completion. A key feature of the project was the user-led design in that the robot was developed with and for people with dementia.

This allows people with dementia to access the newspapers, listen to their favourite songs, provide reminders of upcoming events, store family photos and connect with their friends and families. We managed to combine an array of expertise through pan-European partnerships. We brought together expertise in robotics, semantic data analytics, artificial intelligence and interactive touchscreen technology, as well as healthcare and nursing knowledge. However, the most critical element were the older people with dementia and their caregivers, who welcomed MARIO into their lives and allowed us, through their insights and knowledge, to make MARIO into the success he has become.

But without support, many face loneliness, a lack of mobility and exercise, and forgetfulness on a daily basis. Ageing poses one of the biggest economic and social challenges for this century. With his passionate interest in social justice and poverty, in human rights, in public discourse and in entertainment, he was a man with much to say to our times. This event will include discussion with academics, archivists and a publisher who will debate the relevance of Shaw today, on the stage, in the classroom and in print. The only cure was national independence.

Shaw always remained a paradoxical nationalist, arguing simultaneously that Irish freedom would do no good in itself and that it must be gained in order for the Irish to be able to think about other things. Milberg lecturer in Irish Letters at Princeton University. Pour importer un fichier de sauvegarde sur la version Mac de Money Pro, allez dans Sauvegarde. Attention, dans ce cas votre historique de finances personnelles sera perdu.

Activez ensuite Touch ID. Vous pouvez aussi saisir votre mot de passe. Inscrivez-vous via e-mail, Facebook ou Google. Activez la Synchronisation Money Pro et appuyez sur Continuer. Vous pouvez utiliser 3D Touch dans Money Pro si votre appareil prend en charge cette technologie. Pour en savoir plus sur la personnalisation du cadran de votre Apple Watch, consultez cette page. Merci encore! I hope we can meet each other someday. By: Emel Date: For a very long period of time I thought of you as of the creator of "Prince of Persia" saga. However, getting acquainted with "Last Express" less than year ago made me change my mind.

Now, I consider that "Last Express" is your gratest archivment - as well as the absolute best game I ever played. I know that it was a huge commercial disaster and it may be that you have many negative recollections related to market fate. However, I would be the gratest pleasure for hundreds of thousands of your fans to learn the true history of "Last Express". So, if its possible, please, continue publishing of your diary. Thank you very much for all the games you worked on and sorry for my English. Please, please, post The Last Express entries when you have time. I will wait for them. To me the game is very precious.

Thank you. Thanks very much for posting your old journals!

Instructions for Levitating in the Gallery

They've been fascinating to read. I would have liked to reach the point where Prince 2 was actually shipped and reviewed, considering what a let-down the Prince 1 launch was. I can see why you stopped here, if your journal entries don't actually go into that much. Prince 2 blew me away. I took pride in showing the game to people, and watching them gasp because it had actual speech. The art, story, and levels were all amazing. Thank you so much for these journals, Jordan! I found it through the Wikipedia article about the original Prince of Persia and spent much of today reading my way through the whole thing.

Aside from being excellent procrastination-fodder, it was also incredibly inspiring to read about your troubles and the ways in which you handled them. You actually inspired me to start using my own website more effectively for my own use. Hoping that writing about what I do will help me do what I set out to, especially since I'd have to explain to myself and the five people who read my blog why I haven't done anything some days. Also, this whole thing got me jazzed up about playing POP again. I actually never finished it way back when. By: Magnulus Date: I want to say thank you for the hard work in putting these on-line.

I have enjoyed visiting here everyday to read some wonderful stuff. Prince of Persia blew me away when I first played it on the Amiga. It remains one of my all time top 5 games. What a riveting tale! I was both dismayed and gratified when your server went down earlier today; I could actually get some work done.

Very inspirational, I'm looking forward to more. Reminds me that I should be keeping a journal. Thank you so much! I went through the whole journal Truly, truly inspiring. By: Hisham Date: I've stolen an hour here or there every day for the past week to finish reading your journals.

A Sherlockian Synopsis – Sherlock: Season 3, Finale “His Last Vow”

I feel like you could take a small cut of them and publish them as a wired article on "the insides of game publishing". I hope life has found you well, I'm sure I could check up on your current happenings, but for now I'm going to think of you as a 25 year old game developer figuring out life, business and passions. And of course consider your journal a reflection of myself. By: Francis Date: What an amazing ride This was a joy to read! Thank you for sharing.

This really could be a movie some day. It would be really cool if our paths crossed in the future and I got to shake your hand. I am a huge fan of your games starting with Karateka. By: Vic Date: By: cp Date: Espero algun dia pueda estar frente a frente con usted y no solo saludarlo sino mostrarle mis videojuegos.

PS:It Will be a pleasure to follow your steps, and above all I hope that my games are worthy challengers of yours. Such a fantastic read, Jordan. I spent the last few days reading this in-between working and found it inspiring and a great record of the time. Do you think it's time to write your memoirs for real now? Thank you, sir.

I'll continue to enjoy your POP games for years to come, I hope and pray! The work that you've done to ensure that this story is alive and available for the fans is much appreciated! I enjoyed it all so much and look forward to viewing more of your site as I can. Thanks for sharing these great journal entries, it was a pleasure reading it, even back then you were already a great human being!

I devoured this journal a month ago, cutting and pasting snippets of text that really struck a chord with me. I printed them out and taped them up; I'm so suprised how much they've kept me focused and "up" for life, surviving this Hell that's been As I make an inventory of '09 I wanted to thank those words for being so positively affecting and for coming so unexpectedly:.

You've dug your way deep into an active gold mine and are holding off from digging the last two feet because you're too dumb to appreciate what you've got and too lazy to finish what you've started. It's true: People like you better if you stand up for yourself. There's no percentage in being self-effacing and making them think they can walk all over you. Everyone has their own particular form of self-destruction. Mine, I'm starting to think, is standing outside myself, watching myself live my life, turning my face so as to give the cameras a better angle, and thus missing the whole thing.

The more experiences I have, the more I realize that working with people you like and respect is more important than anything else. I know myself well enough to know that whatever happens, it won't be my excesses I'll regret, it'll be the things I held myself back from doing. In all my life I've never yet given a present so lavish, or made a gesture so expansive, or indulged a pleasure so recklessly that I regretted it later.

Whereas there are so many things I look back on now and think: That was one of the high points, that moment will never come again, why did I hold back? I know it's possible to err in the other direction too, to screw up your life by not thinking of the future. I just don't think I'm nearly there yet…. This was a fantastic read, and very inspiring even though I'm not a game designer, film director or anything analogous to what you are doing. I'm off to do some things I've been procrastinating on for far too long. Maybe this time around the sense of carpe diem that's been built up through experiencing these slices of your life will stay embedded in this dilapidated cathedral of potential.

It's am; I just spent a good hours reading through this. Though I did skim a few entries maybe more than a few this was as gripping a read as any I've had in a good while. It scares me to think how much time it took you to type all this up, though. By: Kerry Date: By: miChou Date: What can I say? Thank you for the opportunity of reading a fascinating piece history. Thank you for making me see that I'm not the only one asking the questions I ask, facing the decisions I face. Tank you for the proof that one can succeed. And thank you for a great game.

Even if it's older than me and I didn't get to play it. You're great! Hope you'll read this comment and all the others , and maybe you'll smile for a second. I sure know I did when I finished reading your journal :. Wow I just spent 3 days reading these when I should have been doing other stuff. Great stuff. By: Akolade Date: This journal may be the best screenplay you ever wrote! I found myself picturing various scenes and characters Well that's several hours of my life spent reading these.

I loved reading your exploits, trials and tribulations of getting Prince out there. I didn't actually play PoP till quite late in the grand sceme of things but I do remember advising a girl at school what to try. Appraently I gave great advice, didn't help me with flirting with her though.

And yet great procrastination fodder too, as someone else wrote! Took me hours, glorious hours to get through the whole thing! By: Murray Date: I'm just starting my own game development business, all on my own, a dream I've had since I was about 6, in , playing King's Quest, Digger, Alley Cat, and later Prince of Persia which really blew me away. This is a real inspiration, and a great time for me to reflect on where I'm at, and have a good look at what I have planned for the coming year as I release my first game, and onwards!

As a musician, filmmaker and game designer who's doing the art, code, sound and design all by himself , this journal resonated so deeply with me. It's a very special thing! Thanks for putting up your diaries. It was all a fascinating story. And this is coming from a girl geek. I started reading this journal last night and and throughout today and now I'm finished tonight. A very interesting read, which keep me wanting more. Reminded me of the great Diary of a Game magazine articles back in the day but the insights to a computer company in the 80's really added to it. I'm glad it all worked out for you.

By: Iain Date: Definitely a good read. Not a "reach out for your dreams" piece that is meant to inspire you to do what you always wanted, but a "look at what you already have". So many times, early in the story later parts just drove it home , I was thinking "Why, WHY, Jordan, do you pursue the screen writing like some golden fleece? Everything screen writing could bring you, you've gotten from game design! Why do you not see this yet?? When you were puzzled over what possible use you could have for a pair of Apple IIs, I was too, a bit. Until I remembered multitasking was a crazy future-man thing.

It felt like archaeology reading the early stuff. As a child, Prince of Persia among others made me want to design games for a living - never mind that my parents and teachers all drubbed that out of me, and my IT teacher crushed my passion to program, the point is PoP, and games like it not in style but in quality and execution were some of the first things I appreciated. Not long after, I started reading, too three or four years old , and books joined them, but games are the first love of my life :D. I'd just like to say, and I'm sure I speak for all of your fans when I say this, thankyou for the entertainment you've brought us all.

For some of us, it's childhood memories, for some, it's their adolescence, or they discovered games as adults, but the sentiment is all he same. Thankyou, also, for taking the time to transcribe all these journal entries. I never even had the patience to KEEP a journal, let alone one like this. Read all 67 pages, how not to love this history of winning and good code? I've played your games and always though you to be such a gifted man. Almost cried when I saw your name in the prince of persia movie. But I couldn't imagine an history like that.

May God bless you and I hope someday I can make something as big as you, to be remembered as someone who gave so much happiness to the world :D Greetings from Brazil! By: Alexandre Souza Date: Twenty years ago your game blew my mind and that was fine, but tonight, reading your story has given me a whole new outlook on my own life, you have no idea. Thank you! I was about to go to sleep, when I found a link on wired.

Thank you for publishing this. It was quite a journey I read it almost non-stop, just taking a few breaks to eat something and take me and my dog for a walk. This older kid showed it off to me and my brother.

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He was kind of a jerk and didn't let us play it. Some years later I spent countless hours on it on my mom's Classic. The most curious thing is that since then I lost almost all my hearing but I still clearly remember the sound the tiles made when you stepped on them and that of the doors and the amazing splat. I can recall it better that most of the music I loved in my teenage years, and the voices of people I loved and hated it. And that's something. This life drawing workshop was a cool way to spend a Monday evening.

I got a lot of inspiration seeing the other artists work. Some of them were really good. I did this page during the breaks and actually like it better than my drawings of the model. The game helps to develop their own personalities. As you discover the possibilities, limits his own body, you make clear in relation to words, to mimic, with body language By: Pooratast Date: This month's Game Informer magazine has an opinion piece I wrote about the creative process of adapting a property across different media.

This article makes me want to read the graphic novel more. I ordered it, and it should arrive somewhere next week. By: Retodon8 Date: That was real good article. Thank you for bringing light on it. I was wondering how would Prince of Persia be adapted for a musical or theater production in your opinion? By: Zapages Date: I just wanted to say I really enjoy your website so far.

With writings like these plus your old journals, you give off a very relaxed insightfulness, instead of the opinionated yelling of many blogs on the internet. Plus, the journals are great to read for someone who's somewhat young and trying to put together their own life path. I made with photoshop animated myspace pics. By: fouttimourl Date: His new blog is pretty good, too, including this piece about reinventing the Prince of Persia.

The Uncharted 2 Beta code contest is done! There were a lot of good entries, particularly this [ By: 4thletter! When will we see the first bit of marketing from The Sands of Time movie? I heard that the poster will be seen in "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I thought one would be released online as well, but so far It's so frustrating! By: Rohit Iyer Date: By: joe orrantia Date: By: Marcus Young Date: When interviewed in the December issue of Game Informer magazine, he reflected: With Prince of Persia, I've had the opportunity and the challenge of [ This entry was posted in example, technique and tagged games, graphic novel, movie, translation, [ By: How to translate a video game into a movie, then a graphic novel Date: Thank you for this informative blog.

A graphic novel is a book made up of comics content. Although the word "novel" normally refers to long fictional works, the term "graphic novel" is applied broadly, and includes fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work. It is distinguished from the term "comic book", which is used for comics periodicals. By: Pauline Dellinger Date: I'm writing this from London, where the Prince of Persia movie is shooting now. The Pinewood studios, originally built in the 's, still feel very much of that era, at least to my L. Whereas the state-of-the-art technology we used to make The Last Express is now as quaint and dated as the era steam locomotives that were still in service when the Pinewood stages were built.

Pinewood is in an industrial park west of London. To get there, you take the A40 highway, which was originally a Roman road. Or something! I wonder, do you still have the original film shoot of it? A group from my school which included myself visited the pinewood studios on the 1st of december and got a tour of the surroundings. We were fortunate to meet you there and to see the brains behind it all. I hope that the film will be a great success for you and the production crew,all the best. We throughly enjoyed meeting you. A Scanner Darklys rotoscoping techniques really inspired my current digital drawing style, and I'd really like to go back to the source of their inspiration.

It's like how my love of Frazzetta led me to Bridgeman [or my fathers love of Eisner also led him to Bridgeman]. Also, Mr. Mechner; when are you going to post your thoughts on Ubisoft's new take on your character? I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but Its visual style has kept me very excited about it. Related to The Last Express though, I am hard of hearing and most of the game does not subtitle the English dialog. I would greatly appreciate if you could share a script of all the dialog so hard of hearing players won't be lost as I am now when playing The Last Express? It's difficult to finish without hearing everything but I would love to one of these days.

By: Reid Kimball Date: Great suggestion, Reid. How would you want the script indexed? How would you be able to find the page that corresponds to what you're seeing on-screen? It would be worth it, because Last Express is such a beautiful game, my favorite of them all. It was a great experience getting to know the students and faculty at ENJMIN, and I have no doubt that the games industry will benefit from their ideas, energy and talent.

By: Game Player Date: It's a very interesting subject I was looking around about more information but you got really what i was looking for in your article so thanks and keep it up you have a great blog. By: Games for Free Date: By: mr. Yesterday I finally bought this book after having it on my wish list for ages Today I ordered Jordan's book, The Making of Prince of Persia, came here and realised it was Jordan who first drew my attention to this story!

He needed a name. Despite what the Simorgh says, the new name doesn't stick; everyone goes back to calling him by his real name, Zal. So I borrowed it. The Trickster has been a popular heroic archetype for thousands of years Joseph Campbell called him the "Hero with a Thousand Faces". As it turns out, the word dastan has shadings I wasn't aware of — shadings that make it an even more appropriate name for the prince than I realized.

Then, I came across this fascinating article by Dick Davis the translator of the English edition of the Shahnameh I quoted above. He's discussing the qualities of the Trickster Hero as they pertain to Rostam, Persia's greatest epic hero think Hercules, Siegfried, etc , who is way more famous than Zal or Dastan. I figured a seventh-century Persian prince would have grown up hearing those tales and would use them as a point of reference. Ooh, I didn't know that! Is that persian? And Dastan is a beautiful name too, I like the way you choose it Ohw come on.. So that PoP fans can accept Gemma Artenton as the princess coz its a different name..

I love that game so much but.. Nooooo, Jordan!!!! The Prince's name is already Shazdeh!

Definitely an interesting background story. This makes the Prince in the film the only Prince to have a name, although I suppose the Sands of Time video game is sort of the same character. I'll have to see the film to get a better idea about that of course, see how much of the overall story as well as the character is the same. I really should try and get my hands on the Arabian Nights and Shahnameh stories. I did buy and enjoy the Prince of Persia Graphic Novel. By: Emily Date: Why wasn't it a realistic option to keep him nameless when writing the movie?

Look at Postal Also, I'm curious - Where is Farah in the movie? Was she renamed to Tamina, and if so, why? Did the studio required the change for whatever reason, or did you wanted to rename her and why? Having a nameless hero as a literary device only works if it doesn't call attention to itself.

It worked in the games because a the prince was onscreen in pretty much every scene and b he was a stranger arriving in a new place where no one knew him. Same with the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. In the movie, the prince has a family, and there are scenes where people talk about him when he's not there. For them to never refer to him by name would have felt really forced and contrived, and broken the reality of the world. Try it with someone you know well and you'll see how weird it feels.

As for Tamina, yes, she is based on Farah. One reason I changed her name was so that game fans wouldn't expect her character to exactly match the portrayal of Farah in the game. Oddly enough though, there have been many people whom I've known long and don't know their names.

The Metropolitan Complex

If they have a title like "the math teacher", "the land lady" , I use that. If they don't, I use a descriptive nickname a replacement title if you will , like "the foreigner" or "the red hair". In this case, "the price" would suffice, unless perhaps its his family that talk about him when he's not there. In most such cases, simply using "you" as a replacement for the name is sufficient, but it can indeed look forced at times.

And it's especially weird with long distant relatives. As a fan, I don't know which would be worse - not having Farah, or not having a good Farah I guess I'll have to wait for the movie to find that out, but then again, who am I kidding. I've liked all POP games except maybe POP3D , and I'm not so critical to the movies I watch even the mentioned Uwe Boll, who's a synonym for a bad game based movie makes movies that are better than the worst I've seen. The combination of those two means I'll like the movie even if the "critics" don't which I doubt. It would still feel odd to watch Tamina when I known she portrays Farah though.

Dastan would be much easier to swallow since he didn't had a previous name to stick with.

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Hopefully, she'll end up looking and behaving more like the Farah you have originally imagined, Jordan. Good luck! Hail to Jordan I'm Persian and Honestly i must say the Prince of Persia all versions were the only Adventure Games that i played in all of my life just because its name have my Country name. I saw someone in IMDB was complaining that "dastan" means "story" and not "trickster", as I can't post messages there I think I should clarify this here, the name is "dastaan" and again, not a plural for "hand" , like in this poem by Hafez.

Sorry for the complete poem, though it's pity to write a line and leave the rest, it's one of my favourites, well :. That line Hafez says "Friends, I'm saying this privately, but tricksters will hear it too [soon]". Jordan, your a wonderfull writer, it's also lovely to see you keep in touch with the fans of the game this only means the dedication and carefull thoughts writing the script.

I have no doubt this movie will be a blockbuster and fans will enjoy it I can't wait and keep up the good work By: Nick de Wit Date: By: nomex Date: AT the same time though, having a nameless hero also manages to keep a sort of mystery to the character. You mentioned family, but in the games does that Prince not have King Sharaman and Queen Nameicantrememberbutisawinbattles? Also, The Forgotten Sands which is before Sharaman's ultimate death, and possiby Queen Whatsername's has him visiting a brother's kingdom, or so I've read.

However, isn't Dastan a different Prince than the videogame Prince? Since there's an okay chance I'll never post anything on this site ever again I'm not much for forums I must add that Prince of Persia is far and away my favorite fictional universe, and I own every single Prince of Persia videogame. And I've preordered Forgotten Sands from Gamestop. I should probably stop writing By: Trailer Pelicula Prince of Persia!!!!!!!!!!

I disagree. The idea of a nameless prince has always been better for me, ever since I played POP1 online a number of years ago as a promotional tool for the Sands of Time And a good one at that, I went out and bought SOT a few weeks later, and now I've collected every other game including Battles, Fallen King, and Forgotten Sands through Gamestop pre-order.

I find that giving the Prince a name would ruin the illusion for many like me. For the movie I have no problem with it, as it is in my understanding that Dastan and the videogame hero are not the same character. The game Prince, however, should remain nameless. After all,if he has a name, which he obviously does, it would've been used by now. You mentioned family, but does this Prince not have a family as well? By the way, to anyone that noticed, use of the phrases 'Whatsername' and 'If my memory serves me right' were indeed references to the Green Day song "Whatsername".

For anyone reading this who caught 'whatsername' but not the other, listen closely at the "Remember, whatever, etc. By: Jackson Date: I'm really excited about this movie. I kept telling all of my family and friends about it since you announced you're going to make a movie. I even lent one of my friends who only played the earlier version of the game in the trilogy games to download and play until the movie comes out, so she can have a good idea about the story Lol Regarding the name, I'm fine with it, but I'm a bit disappointed about the casting.

I love Jake Gyllynhaal and been an avid fan of him for years, but I don't know about him acting as the Prince. I know he's a great actor, but I wanted to see a new comer for the role of the Prince instead of a famous one. I know this can be hard, but that was my hope. And unfortunately, from the few minutes of the trailer that we all saw, I couldn't stand Tamina. I don't know why though!

Farah though was a tough girl but she was very likable too. Her relationship with the Prince was one of the many reasons why I loved the game.

COMMENT RESTAURER SON MAC (en cas de bug, écran noir, ne se redémarre plus...) FACILEMENT !

When he used to pass out and she called him my love, that was when I thought to myself: "man she's lovely". I hope I grow to like Tamina later as the movie progresses, but right now I don't. If so, send one's best and thank you for such a great soundtrack. I'm very bad translator. Now I understand that the name of Prince Dastan. And his full name? And the Prince? Full name of Prince Rostam-e Dastan? I'm from Russia and poorly know English.

Therefore not quite understand Sorry, i don't know if you have already asked this question, the name Dastan, applies only to the Prince of the film, or at the Prince in all his apparitions, from to present day? It's official: I'm writing a film adaptation of Fathom , the comic book series created by the late, great Michael Turner.

Megan Fox is attached to star. The first time I read the book about ten years ago, my immediate reaction was "I wish I'd thought of that! At that time, the film rights were with James Cameron's company, they already had a writer, and Ubisoft and I were in early discussions about the project that would become Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

So I put Fathom out of my mind Last October, out of the blue, I got a call from Fox Atomic saying they were starting over with Fathom and would I be interested in writing the screenplay? Were they kidding? They liked it, so I got to pitch it again to a slightly larger group including Megan and studio head Debbie Liebling. If that sounds like an intimidating roomful of people, it kind of is. Now the news is out , and I'm incredibly stoked. Megan is a Michael Turner fan from way back and was instrumental in making this project happen.

Watch this space for updates. It may take a while till the next one, though.

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I need to go write now. It's really gratifying to know that dream projects have a way of finding us, even when they seem to already be taken. By: David Anaxagoras Date: This combination of individual aspects came completely out of the blue to me, but good news.