Mac time machine restore permissions

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. I have since repaired permissions through Disk Utility and restarted, to no avail.

How To Recover Your Mac From Time Machine

Any recommendations would be appreciated — thanks in advance! More Less.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Maccy10 Maccy Feb 13, AM in response to ymya25 In response to ymya25 Did you follow all the steps here? Thank you in advance. Did exactly as per your instructions. Closing the info pane reverts any changes. Is the LaCie folder stored on your boot drive or an external device? Is the external device locally attached or on a server? Boot drives and servers require special handling. A directly-attached external drive should work perfectly. I recently moved my home folder and another users home folder from my macOS boot disk to an external HD to free up space on my boot disk.

This was an easy process and it works fine, but now, I see that my user and the other users home directories are not protected as before.

How can this be fixed? Home directories are ONLY protected when they are left inside your boot drive. Moving them to an external drive converts them into simple folders, accessible to anyone.

Manually backup and restore a User Home Folder - Mac OS X Hints

The only option would be to add encryption to the folder, which tends to slow performance greatly when accessing them. Can you advise why my external drive contains my folders which have a red circle with white line through them. It says I do not have permission to open them. Is this because the external drive had those files created on it from another Mac computer which I own? As long as permissions are not enabled on the drive, any computer can create files on an external drive which are readable by all other computers. This could be system files made visible, or other hard disk issues. I suggest contacting Apple Support.

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November 3, at pm. LYNND says:.

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December 12, at pm. Lynn D: Ouch! If that's not what you find, try the procedure in the yellow box below.

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Fixing the permissions on your backups. If you have the Fetching You may be able to do so via the Finder:.

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Locate the backup in question via the Finder. See section A11 if you're not sure how to do that. Navigate in the backup to the file or folder you're trying to restore. Bring up the Get Info window, just as you did above. Click the padlock to unlock it and enter your Admin password. Very carefully, select the line with the Fetching Do not change anything else! If the item is a folder or "package," click the "gear" icon at the bottom and select Apply to enclosed items.

Close the Finder window. Go back into Time Machine and try the Restore again. If it also shows the Fetching That should prevent problems restoring from backups done after making this change but probably not earlier ones. If the above doesn't work, try the procedure in the yellow box below. Restoring to a disk image or disk partition.

This technique restores the item s to a disk image or partition that doesn't enforce permissions. The first part shows how to create a disk image for this use. If you happen to have a partition on an internal or external disk that you can use, that's a bit easier. Make sure it's mounted and appears in your Finder sidebar.

Be sure the partition ignores ownership. To check, Get Info on it as above, and see if the Ignore ownership