Mac os x 10.8.5 mountain lion bootable usb for intel pcs

All you need to do is boot from the USB drive and install! Turn on the computer 2. You may have to type extra boot arguments in the system at the boot screen you see above. You can hit arrow-down as well on the boot screen to access boot options. Here are a list of things you can try in order to troubleshoot booting to the installer. You will have to troubleshoot this part yourself according to your own hardware specs. We've provided a few tips below.

Reboot and try another port or one of the following flags. Set it manually to 0 by typing this command at the boot screen above.

[GUIDE] HackinTosh – Install MacOS Mountain Lion 10.8 to 10.8.5 on Asus SaberTooth P67 in 3 STEPS

This can solve many issues, allowing you to access the installer screen. Sometimes a cure-all to reach the installer. After you're fully installed, you can switch back to your 6xxx card. When you arrive at the Installer, choose language. In the top menu bar choose Utilities , and open Disk Utility b. Highlight your target hard drive for the Mountain Lion installation in left column. Click Partition tab d. Click Current and choose 1 Partition e. Under Name: type Mountain Lion You can rename it later h. Click Apply then Partition j. When the installer asks you where to install, choose Mountain Lion , or your existing install.

Upon completion, restart the system. In addition it includes System Utilities to repair permissions and a collection of drivers and config files. The installation is complete, but the drive isn't bootable yet. When you arrive at the desktop, open Safari 7. Browse to tonymacx If you don't have a user account, create one!

Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 intel PC with nVidia GeForce Digital Alliance 8400GS 512MB

Visit tonymacx Open the Downloads folder and move the. And a handy USB rescue drive to boot from in case things go pear-shaped. It's easy to get frustrated, but don't give up! If you get stuck, there are many users with similar hardware in the tonymacx86 Forum to provide support. Special thanks to everyone in the community, and our Mods for testing! If you've had success using this guide, consider a contribution to help keep the sites going.

We're constantly updating and tweaking our tools to help you. Good luck and have fun! Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, Once Unibeast was completed everything working great. I noticed that unibeast timeline progress bar is screwed up though.

Install OS X Mountain Lion on PC Hackintosh [Bootable USB]

Not just 1. No big deal for me as it completes the installation to USB but some people may think its stuck or not longer responding. But still not happy i have to use a Mac to make a bootable Lion drive. Before starting, reset all of your BIOS settings to their factory defaults.

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  • Install OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on PC Hackintosh [Bootable USB].
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You need to do this for Unibeast to work. After you finish installing Mac OS X, you should change this setting back to default, so that "Hard Disk" is the first boot device this optional, but it will speed up your boot times this step is shown in the second picture. HPET - Change this to bit this step is shown in the third picture. Change it to "AHCI". Keep in mind that the BIOS on most motherboards do not support using a mouse, so you'll probably have to navigate through the BIOS with the arrow keys on your keyboard. On my Gigabyte motherboard, I have to press F10 to save my changes.

If things go well, your computer will boot from the USB drive instead of booting from your normal hard disk. You will then be able to view the Unibeast menu this step is shown n the first picture. If you do not manage to reach the Unibeast menu, check your motherboard's BIOS settings to make sure that the changes you made in Step 5 were properly applied.

How to Install Mountain Lion 10.8 Hackintosh on PC

If all else fails, try using a different USB drive for Unibeast. In the worst case scenarios, instead of loading the Mac OS X installer, you may end up at a dark gray screen that tells you to restart your computer a kernel panic , or you may end up with a small crossed-out sign a loading error. To enter boot flags, manually restart your computer by pressing your computer's power button. Continue, and you will eventually come up to a page that asks you for a "destination" for your Mac install. Select the hard drive that you want to install OS X Mavericks on, and continue this step is shown in the first picture.

If you're installing Mavericks on an empty hard drive, the hard drive selection box will be blank. You'll have to erase that hard drive with Disk Utility first check out Step 4 of my Snow Leopard installation guide for more details which I will post soon. Mavericks will now install itself. This will take at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, keep the USB drive plugged in. At the boot screen, you'll see an icon for the hard drive where you installed Mavericks.

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Select it use the arrow keys on your computer and press "Enter" this step is shown in the second picture. If everything works properly, then Mavericks will boot. Mission accomplished! The final screen is shown as the third picture. Multibeast is a collection of kext files that you'll need to install for your Hackintoshes to have sound, internet, a high resolution screen, and more.

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Different Hackintosh builds require different Multibeast setups, though most setups are very similar. Find out what Multibeast options you need to install which is in a guide I will be posting soon. Mac OS X treats Mavericks as just another update-- this generally means that the only things you have to reinstall in Multibeast are audio kexts and ethernet kexts.

If you plan on updating Mac OS X in the future, check out my guide to updating your Hackintosh which I will post soon. Is there any other way to download Mavericks? PC auto restart when loading System. How can i resolve this problem.

How to Install OS X Mavericks on Your PC With Unibeast

Hello, do you have plans to post the PC compatibility guide? Or alternatively, where can I get one? Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. You could use one of my other two tutorials to run Mac OS X on a virtual machine then run Unibeast on this virtual machine then make this one! By Omar Amir Follow. More by the author:.

Step 2: Create Your IAtkos USB Drive (Mac)

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Download OS X Mountain Lion and Extract the DMG File

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