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To build an Automator action, you drag actions and variables from the left into the workflow on the right in a sequential order.

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Then, select New Folder in the second column and drag it to the workflow on the right. Step 2: The New Folder action is added to the workflow. You can choose where to create this folder from the Where drop-down list.

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Step 3: The next step is to tell Automator to select the images. Then, select Get Folder Contents in the right column and drag it to the workflow below the New Folder box.

How to Batch Convert Images Using macOS Preview

Step 4: Now, you need to tell Automator to convert the images you give it. Select Photos in the left column. Then, select Change Type of Images in the right column and drag it to the bottom of the workflow. The original files will not be modified. Step 6: On the Change Type of Images box in the workflow, you must select to which type of images you want to convert your files. Select the type from the To Type drop-down list. To select a different location for the Automator file, select a folder from the Where drop-down list, or click the down arrow button to the right of the Save As box to access the full Save As dialog box, which we show in the next step.

Convert Image to PDF in 2 Clicks [Mac Automator]

If you want to use the currently selected location in the Where box, click the Save button now. Otherwise, see the next step. At the top of the right hand pane, choose Service receives selected image files in Finder. Next, in the Photos section of the Library column, choose Scale images.

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You can tell Automator how to scale the images: either by a number of pixels for the longer side, or by a percentage. If, for example, you want to scale images to px, enter that in the text field. Save the workflow; press Command-S and choose a name for it. Go to the Finder and select an image file. Select that menu item, and the service runs, scaling your image. This is great and easy , but can you get it to keep the file created date?


I use this date for organizing images in the finder, so it is important. There must be a way.

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Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog. Search for:. Share Shares. This will export the PDF as an image. Exporting a Single PDF file involves saving out the file in a different format.

How To Save PDF’s As Jpeg’s (Including Multi Page PDF’s) | Mac Tricks And Tips

This is very simple and easy to complete if you just want to export one page from a PDF file. It becomes more complicated if you want to do multiple pages. You can select each image in turn and save it out, but that is very complicated and takes too long. If you have a thousand page PDF file and you want to export each page to an image, using the method previously outlined would take for too long. To solve this problem we are going to an automator workflow.

Open Automator located in your Applications folder. When the app is opened select application from the options presented. This allows you to build a self running application. The first workflow will convert each page to an image based on the PDF dragged into the application. The second workflow will convert the file names of the files to something more useful, the first workflow outputs random file names so this option allows us to have something useful. You can adjust the settings to get the output you want. The final workflow item will place the new images onto your desktop or the folder of your choice.

This will allow you to find the images you have just created. Save out the workflow as an application. It is a simple workflow which is very simple to use.